My House With All The Antennas

House in Blankenheim-Ripsdorf (Front)

Here you can see my weekend and vacation home in BLANKENHEIM-RIPSDORF (60 km/45 miles SSW of Cologne) from where I operate my amateur radio station. The antennas are located in the garden behind the house and are not visible in this picture (see below). The house is located in the very western part of Germany in an hilly area called "THE EIFEL", very close to the Belgium border. If you have ever watched Formula-1 car-racing from Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium or from the "Nurburgring" - both  race tracks are only 25 km direct distance from Ripsdorf.

  Below there is a little map where you can see the position of the little village Ripsdorf in respect to its major surrounding:

By clicking onto the map above you can trigger a little program which will tell you the way from your location to me (that only works inside Europe - sorry to the rest of the world)

 Shortwave verticals antennas of DL2QB

Right behind the house, in the garden,  there are my two vertical antennas that I use for all my short wave activities with other amateur stations around the world. Antenna 2 is an 8-band groundplane of about 7m (22 ft) length for the 80-40-30-20-17-15-12 and 10m amateur radio shortwave bands. Antenna 1 also is a groundplane (length 8 meters / 25 ft), but only for the "conventional" amateur radio bands 80/40/20/15 and 10 meters.